Frequently Asked Questions


1How does your system work?

Our students use instant automated booking system where they can book their One to One classes online at the convenience of their home.Once they have registered with us then within 24-48 hours, we will send them their dashboard credentials in their email so that they can start taking their class.They can choose their preferred timezone to select their teachers and take their class within a waiting time of ONLY 5 minutes.

2How many levels do I have to pass to reach another level?/¿Cuántos niveles tengo que pasar para alcanzar otro nivel?

Every Level is of 24 hours which has 3 sub levels of 8 hours.You and your coach will evaluate your performance based on standard rubrics.

3 Do you have any free trial classes?

Yes, our trial class is of 30 minutes which will be scheduled with one of our coaches but once you register with us, you have the flexibility to choose different teachers for every class or schedule your class with any of your favourite teachers as long as you want.

4 Do I have to cancel my classes?

You do not have to worry about it but we recommend that you do so as it just takes a click which other students can benefit from.

5 How many classes can I take per month?



Total Hours


200 USD/mes



140 USD/mes



75 USD/mes


6 Do you offer classes on holidays?

We are open all 7 days a week including holidays.

7 Can I choose my preferred hours?

Yes, with our Instant booking system, You can choose any time from 6am to midnight Eastern Time USA.

8 Can I book 2 hours of class together with the same teacher?

Yes, to maintain your class continuity, you can book 2 or more hours of class with the same teacher without any pause.

9 Do I work with multiple or the same teacher?

As per your wish, you can choose a different teacher for every class or select 1-2 as your favourite teacher before taking any class.You can also watch their Introduction video to know about their likes and interests.

10 When will I get my log in details?

After registering with us, we will email you all your credentials within 24-48 hours.

11 How should I schedule a free class?

Please click on the Book Now button under free trial classes.

12 Can I upgrade my package?

Yes, if you decide to upgrade before finishing your MONTHLY package,Please email us your details when you want and we would be happy to send you revised plan details.

13 What is your refund system?

Take a FULL refund within 3 hours of classes on any plan.

14 Do you have any yearly plans?

At the moment we are not offering any yearly plan but we would be happy to do that in future.Please look at the price plans for any future updates.

15 Can I and my sibling/ friend study together in the same plan?

No, this plan is made for only one person which is why we need 24-48 hours for registration and sending your details to the teachers.If in any case, our teachers found that the plan is being misused, we would be suspending the account without any further notice and reimbursement.

16 Can I take 2- 3 hours classes together?

Yes, you can take as many classes as you want together depending on the plan you have enrolled for.Your booking system provides you with that flexibility to choose a 60 minutes to 120 minutes time slot.

17 Do you also help me in the study abroad process?

Yes, we provide free study abroad guidance to all our students and help from scratch till the end in admission, visa and overseas housing.

18 Can I ask my coach to check my work after my class timings?

No, Your coaches won't be able to dedicate any time after your scheduled class so make sure you use your time wisely.Try to use your class timings to solve any doubts you have related with the concept.It is also recommended that while scheduling your class on your dashboard also sent her/him the topic which you would like to study so that both of you are MORE prepared.