How to assess students even without making them realize?


How to assess students even without making them realize?

If you were born in 80's  then you surely remember how we were examined and the pressure we had related to exams and tests.Teachers who were considered as the sage on the stage had the utmost authority in the class and we were expected to mug things and if we are successful in laying it down beautifully word by word then we are the most intelligent ones.I remember how during most of my study period, I used to memorize almost 95%  of my subjects without understanding why was I doing it.It was confusing, suffocating but a trend.


Thankfully that trend has been disrupted with the help of technology which is being adopted in most developed and developing countries.Now we see a process, sequence and a structure to be followed by teachers and students are tested much more than before but in a more friendly and engaging way.


We would like to take about some crucial steps which is helpful in evaluating students without terrorizing them in this article: 

Starting first with the importance of warmer as it is the first step of the interaction between a teacher and a student and the idea is not to only activate schemata but also to check students past knowledge on the topic of the class.There are tons of way through which students knowledge is checked and few of them are through showing images, videos or asking them questions directly.we would like to discussing few of of the activities which has been helpful in improving students higher order thinking.  

Class Objective is a must for every class and can't be skipped.The idea of this is to tell students about the big idea or topic of the class which also helps the coach to set the tone of the class. After presenting the objective, many teachers use warmers not just to  activate learners' schemata but also to check students' past knowledge which helps in connecting it with new information and to actually tailor the lesson plan accordingly . Entry slips(which can also be used as exit slips),KWL chart ,  videos, discussion or visuals/images are some of the ways which are used widely by educators.

While after moving from the warmer to direct instruction, most of us prefer checking students knowledge using various methods which depends on the topic of the class.Some of our preferred online tools like Kahoot, Socrative, Quizlet which even students can use at the comfort of their home to check their knowledge.Although at Smart Learners, all of our classes are one to one, there are other  collaborative tools like Padlet or mind map tools which students can use among their friend circle.These tools not only help us to design different quizzes by changing its complexity level it helps us in getting an insight of what processes, facts and vocabulary students remember.


Conclusions generally end with exit tickets or polls to determine the level of understanding and giving students some useful links and other resources for further.

Students Self -assessment and reflection are very important tools for students which we always recommend to all our students to use to know where they stand or how much clarity they think they have. 

Having content knowledge is one of the important factors a good coach should have which is no more applicable to only knowing the content or pedagogical skills but also technological knowledge which is known as TPACK model.  




To give a clear idea let's look what all does these three areas cover:



 What should a teacher avoid to check students' content knowledge?

  • Yes or No type questions.

  • Hand Signals responses.

  • Do not rely solely on lectures.

  • Do not rely solely on demonstrations.

  • Do not rely solely on having students simply read the text.

  • Do not rely solely on a singular perspective when there are multiple ways to interpret material.

As our  aim is to understand patterns and gaps in students' learning. We also believe that every student is different so using different strategies to explain the same concept is of utmost importance.Making connections are the building blocks for most students for any new learning and we make sure that we keep that in mind while designing lessons. The coaches regularly assess their student performance and feedback left by other teachers in order to design and modify instruction to meet learners’ needs in each area of development (cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical) and scaffolds the next level of development.


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