What skills would be required by 2030 for a Job Market?


What skills would be required by 2030 for a Job Market?

As we are living in this fast paced changing world, we dug deep to find out the skills required in the coming future and how to make sure that we are still employable in the next few decades and also how to prepare our present generation by providing them with the right tools and strategies to overcome any hurdle.


As we know that due to technology and drastic changes in the economy, things are shifting at a much faster rate as it used to be in the past.Earlier the life cycles of a certain profession was of 10-15 years but now it has shortened to just 5-8 years and this will continue to squeeze much with time.Another threat is the high number of professionals available in each area which is making things much more difficult than ever.


How should we make sure that our students are prepared for the future?

The OECD Learning Compass 2030 distinguishes between three different types of skills (OECD, 2018[1]):  


1.Cognitive and meta-cognitive skills, which include critical thinking, creative thinking, learning-to-learn and self-regulation. 

2. Social and emotional skills, which include empathy, self-efficacy, responsibility and collaboration.  

3.Practical and physical skills, which include using new information and communication technology devices. 


Schools are now giving much importance to social and emotional skills which had no importance in the past in grading students' performance, such as empathy, consciousness, respect for others and the ability to communicate,perseverance, efficacy, responsibility, curiosity and emotional stability


Creativity and critical thinking are required to find innovative solutions to complex problems. Technology has influenced  how we think about human intelligence and the demand for the types and level of skills needed for the future. Computer/ technology has taken many human jobs which have defined procedures/ repetitive tasks and have done it better than humans without any mistake and at a much faster rate since decades.


Physical skills are needed for manual jobs such as the ability to use machines, play musical instruments, craft artworks, play sports; life skills, such as the ability to dress oneself, prepare food and drink, keep oneself clean; and one’s capacities that includes  strength, muscular flexibility and stamina.These skills are required to use and manipulate materials, tools, equipment and artefacts to achieve particular outcomes. 



How is Smart Learners  helping you achieve these skills?


We make sure that the teacher understands how learners' minds develop along with recognizing patterns of learning and development across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas while designing and implementing developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences.


Our coaches are able to create developmentally appropriate instruction that takes into account individual learners’ strengths, interests, and needs and that enables each learner to advance and accelerate his/ her learning.


As every learner and coach comes from a diverse background,the coach has an  understanding of the role of language and culture in learning and knows how to modify instruction to make language comprehensible and instruction relevant, accessible, and challenging.

Every coach respects learners’ differing strengths and needs and is committed to using this information to further each learner’s development.Our coaches integrate diverse languages, dialects, and cultures into instructional practice to build on learners’ prior knowledge and experiences and promote the value of multilingual and multicultural perspectives.


Our coaches have an understanding that content knowledge is not a fixed body of facts but is complex, culturally situated, and ever evolving. They keep abreast of new ideas and understandings in the field and appreciate multiple perspectives within the discipline and facilitate learners’ critical analysis of these perspectives. They recognize the potential of bias in his/her representation of the discipline and seek to appropriately address problems of bias. Our coaches are committed to work toward each learner’s mastery of disciplinary content and skills.


These are some core standards which are followed by our coaches and continuous training is provided through online videos of real life online classes so that they can self reflect and adhere to these values in their online classes which surely make our coaches stand out from the crowd.


With Smart Learners you are just 5 minutes away to take your learning experience to a next level with our expert coaches. With our automated booking system, you can take your class whenever you want without worrying of class cancellation and losing your number of hours.


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