Top 5 benefits of One to One Online Tuitions


Top 5 benefits of One to One Online Tuitions

Before pandemic most of us were accustomed to do several activities out of our home and were neglecting the benefit of working from home.But due to prolonged state of working from home, studying too from home now has become a norm.The value and acceptance  of online universities  and courses have increased significantly.Students are taking online classes  in either groups and on one to one basis and today we will be talking about some of the benefits of taking one to one online classes over group classes.


Personalized attention:

We all crave for personalization in contrast to studying in a group class  as what we do  in the school/ University or college, as many a times in classroom we cannot clear all our doubts due to limited time or distraction.During online classes, students get familiar with their teacher in a very short span of time due to personalized attention and  are more open for more detailed conversation and explanations.


Search information online:

There are many instances when due to confusion or misinformation students do not clearly get the concept/ big idea but as both teacher and student are online, they can both together look for information and can reach a final conclusion. 


Time Management:

As the conversation is online, time is managed well  with one to one class compared to group class where due to time constraint very limited time is given to each individual.Student and teacher try to keep the conversation more fluid which results in a more productive environment and better planning.


Focussed conversation:

With one to one online classes, we try to value each other's time and have more concrete conversations rather than in a group class. Our coaches understand and identify differences in approaches to learning and performance and know how to design focused conversation and instruction that uses each learner’s strengths to promote growth.

Variety of tutors from all around the world: As we all love diversity and wish to learn from the best expert, we can easily find the best tutors online without much hassle.Teachers or coaches from other countries have different approach of teaching than what one is traditionally accustomed to which makes learning enjoyable and fun. 

We at Smart Learners offer one to one UNLIMITED English or IELTS/ TOEFL classes without worrying of booking or cancelling it.

With our instant booking system, schedule your class at the comfort of your home  to take 1-1 classes as many times as you want.  


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