How to score 7.5 band in IELTS in just 3 months?


How to score 7.5 band in IELTS in just 3 months?

If you are dreaming  to study abroad and English or IELTS is your biggest hurdle then you are at the right place.

Most of us either want to study abroad or want to immigrate to a new country either for a job or to immerse in a new culture but could not because of poor English or failing several times in IELTS exam to achieve the desired scores.

To get a score over 7.5 or 7 in IELTS,  you must aim at a particular band in all the four sections of the exam. you should target band 7 in all four sections. Here is a detailed description of how to score 7, in different sections to get an overall IELTS score 7 or 7.5.


Aim at obtaining 30 correct answers out of the 40 questions for IELTS 7.0, and 33 correct answers for IELTS band 7.5.


Out of the total 40 questions aim at scoring 30 correct answers for IELTS band 7.0, and 32 correct answers for IELTS band 7.5. The spelling of the answers should be correct with all the answers written within the provided word-limit.


This IELTS section is considered the toughest section as unlike other sections, it is held face to face with an examiner, and hence, it is a very spontaneous process. The following points will help you score 7 in the speaking module:

  • Speak fluently within the particular duration of the given topic.

  • Aiming at a band of 7.5 means that you are already proficient in English up to some level, therefore you must show your highest proficiency in English to score a band of 7.5.

  • For this, instead of using plain sentences, you can use less common and idiomatic vocabulary.

  • Stay concentrated to align your thoughts with your words.

  • Speak at a moderate speed. This will help avoid errors that are usually made during a faster speed or even at the slow speed that makes you more self-conscious.

  • Be sure of your pronunciations and utterances.


  • Before writing, read the questions carefully and divide the total time for each of the questions.

  • Each question should have a central idea and some supporting paragraphs.

  • Make proper use of the higher-level of vocabulary you have learnt so far.

  • Proofreading is essential to answers. After completing the answers, check the grammatical mistakes.

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